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Tarzan Ke Kota

Ratna is the daughter of Mr. Barkah Bin Sadeli, a cosmetics scientist who uses plant extracts in his products. When Ratna accompanies her father and his assistant, Tiga, to find the "monkey palm" leaf for preventing wrinkles; she is kidnapped by Arde, and his henchmen, Kutil and Tumpal, who also wants the "monkey palm" leaf. But Ratna manages to hide in a cave. Then she finds a long haired man sleeping with a leopard. Unexpectedly, the unkempt man is kind but he does not understand human language.

Year of Production - 2008

Genre - Drama

Director - Reka Wijaya

Cast - Sandra Dewi, Ajul Jiung, Vincent Ryan Rompies, HIM Damsyik, Reza Pahlevi