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Jaka Baruna is chasing Reksa Dipa. When he arrives in Banjaransari village, he finds the place in uproar due to Kangsa Legawa. Legawa is a student of Reksa Dipa, so Jaka has to defeat Legawa, to find out where Reksa Dipa is. But he fails because Legawa has a Rawarontek spell. So Jaka finds his teacher, Ki Baruna. He is given the Pancasona spell, which was Reksa Dipa’s inheritance. Ki Baruna and Reksa Dipa are actually brothers, and Jaka is the son of Reksa Dipa. Ki Baruna and Reksa Dipa both love Ratih but Reksa Dipa takes Ratih away with him. This incurs the wrath of a commander in the kingdom, so Reksa Dipa becomes a fugitive while leaving Ratih pregnant. With his new spell, Jaka manages to capture Reksa Dipa and he finally acknowledges Jaka as his son.

Year of Production - 1989

Genre - Action

Director - Abnar Romli

Cast - Barry Prima, Yoseph Hungan, Jimmy Prakoso, Edi SS