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Boven Digoel

Doctor John Manangsang (Joshua Matulessy), serves in a health center in Tanah Merah, Digoel, He and his staff has to perform a caesarean section to Agustina, who had given birth nine times. Tragically, Tanah Merah health center and have no adequate means and personnel for this operation. John orders nurse Anthoneta and Lydia to go to Perum Telkom to sterilize the surgical instruments, because electricity in the health center only lit at night. Nurse Ancelina is assigned to prepare the operating room. John himself has to go to the drug storage in a convent. Once in the barn, John is told that the door is locked, and the key is carried by nuns to Merauke. After taking the anaesthetic liquid at his house which is within one kilometer from health center on foot. When John arrives at the clinic, nurse Thomas tells if the operation knife is up. John then gives hundred thousand rupiah to buy razor blades. Anthoneta and Lidia told to boil surgical instruments using firewood. Exactly at 10:10 Indonesian Eastersn Time, the cesarean against Agustina is carried out with razor blades.

Year of Production - 2017

Genre - Drama

Director - FX Purnomo

Cast - Joshua Matulessy, Christine Hakim, Edo Kondologit